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Vitamins, herbs, and other supplements are not regularly tested by any government organization. The natural supplement industry is exploding doing over 5 billion in sales last year as more and more people realize just how effective well-designed and well-manufactured supplements can make a difference in their lives. With so much money at stake and very little regulation, some companies try and get an advantage in the price wars by "short changing" the consumer on the actual ingredients in their product. The only way to find out how good a product is, is to subject it to subject it to the most accurate state-of-the-art testing procedures. This way we can provide you with unbiased clinical evidence of which product failed or passed and to what degree.

Nations Premiere Nutraceutical Testing Facility

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, San Rafael Chemical Services (SRCS) was established in 1993 under the direction of Ralph Meibos, a 25-year veteran of chromatographic and spectrometric analysis and interpretation. SRCS specializes in HPLC analysis of biological material. For instrumentation, SRCS utilizes Hewlett Packard's 1090 series II/L HPLC and ties into the HP 5989 A - Mass Spectrometer engine when analyzing certain compounds and for method development. They also have the HP 5890 series II Gas Chromatograph for GC/MS determinations, along with other devices. SRCS also provides microbiological services and has licenses from the State of Utah and the United States Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Administration for controlled substances (1-5) Analytical Laboratory. Professional associations include the American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) and the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC).

San Rafael is one of the few labs that utilizes the high-pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC) method. This type of testing is a state-of-the-art, and is more accurate than the often-used DAC86 method (Deutscher Arzneimittel Codex).

What We Tested For And Why:

As you look at the lab reports you will see we tested each product in five different key areas. Each test measure for the “active ingredient” in the category – which is the real accurate indication of how potent the pills really are. For example you might pick up a bottle of and see on the label states it contains 500mg of Saw Palmetto. It really tells you nothing. You have now way of knowing if it is a powder (weakest form) or if it is an extract. Then even if it is an extract, the potency of extracts varies dramatically – you have no way of knowing. You won’t know unless you use the product and then determine if you can tell if it is helping you, or subject it laboratory testing.

5 Markers Tested

Quercetin: The latest research out of the Mayo Clinic indicates that Quercetin appears to be the leading natural compound that can be taken to prevent serious prostate problems. Additionally, Quercetin is also an anti-inflamatory which is very effective as reducing a swollen prostate.

Icariin: This is the active ingredient found in Epimedium an herb with a long history that has testosterone mimetic properties with therapeutic value in the management of hypoandrogensim. Hypoandrogensim leads to serious prostate problems and reduced sexual activity and impotence, in addition to causing changes in the biochemical composition of semen. Icarriin helps address this aspect of prostate health.

Total Polyphenolics: Flavonoids polyphenolics are flavone-like substances that are usually antioxidants and sometimes anti-inflammatory. Flavonoids scavenge free radicals by forming a stable radical that can react with another flavanoid radical to produce two non-radicals. Flavanoids and resveratrol are present in red wine. The level of Polyphenolics is significant for prostate health as they are show to keep the prostate healthy and free of toxins that lead to serious prostate problems.

Total Sterols: Numerous scientific studies show that phytosterols is extremely beneficial in treating an enlarged prostate. There are numerous phytosterols, most notably Beta Sitosterol, well know for this. Testing for total sterols you get an accurate reading of all active sterols in the product. Many products claim to contain 500mg of Beta Sitosterol, this means nothing unless you know what the “active” content is. Lab tests show the accurate amount of this important compound.

Free Fatty Acids: The active ingredients in Saw Palmetto are free fatty acids. Saw Palmetto is the most widely prescribed prostate health supplement by physicians in Europe since it is proven to be beneficial for prostate health, urinary function, improves the function of the bladder and urethra, this might partially account for BPH symptom relief.


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