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Prostate Scams Exposed

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Prostate Scams Exposed MD Health Reports June 26, 2017 Mens Guide to Prostate Supplements MD Health Reports Travis Glodt June 26, 2017

Prostate Scams Exposed

Prostate Scams Exposed

Prostate Scams Exposed

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There are several common scams that have reared their ugly head in the natural prostate supplement industry. The are:

  1. Dishonest Store Owners
  2. Fraudulent Mailers
  3. Zero Effective Ingredients
Vigarexx Scam

Vigarexx Scam

One of the most brazen scams we have ever seen is for a product called Vigarexx. Operated by a con man hiding out in Hong Kong who is selling a box of 10 (yes just 10 pills) for $49. The pills are worthless and the scam has been ripping off many men. If you have been tricked by this scam and have purchased this product please email us. You may be entitled to a monetary settlement as class action lawyers are about to bring these crooks to justice. Check out these photos and avoid this scam.

Vigarexx Blister Pack

This is What You Get for $49 - 10 Worthless Pills

You will never get your money back because this scam is being run out of Hong Kong!

Beware of Dishonest Health Food Store Owners

Dishonest Store Owners

Big name products like Prostavar, Prsotate 5XL and Prosvent spend millions of dollars a year to advertise their prostate pills on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. All of this publicity creates demand for these products in health food stores where they are very popular. However, some health food store owners actually sell counterfeits of many of the top products.

Pictured here is a health food store on Clay St. in San Francisco. We caught the storeowner selling a counterfeit product, who was claiming to be selling original products. When we confronted her she covered her face and ran away! Of course, this store is not the only store selling counterfeit products. Many other stores and websites sell imitation or counterfeit products. The number one way to tell if you are buying a counterfeit is the price. If the price is well below what it is advertised to be, the odds are that it is a fake.

Listed below are an example of each

Fraudulent Mailer Scams

More than ever before, men over the age of 50 are being bombarded with junk mail from companies selling prostate pills. The mailers are becoming increasing more comprehensive and in many cases extremely convincing (most however, are legitimate and also offer good value). We must state though, that there are a few companies you should avoid like a 3 legged chair.

The Common Elements of Prostate Letter Scams are:

  1. The company does not have a website.
  2. The company has a doctor pictured and you cannot find any information about the doctor on the Internet.
  3. There is a cover letter from someone with a very common name claiming to be the president of the company, and there will be a photo of this person looking very dashing. We have found the photos are purchased from stock photo companies and the names are usually fake.
Fraudulent Doctor Scams

Zero Ingredients Scam

We are extremely proud to be the industry pioneers of testing products with state of the art laboratory tests. These test in an unbiased manner what is really in the product. You can really find out if what is listed on the products label is in fact what is really in the product. As a result of these tests we were shocked to discover that a large number of products, (including many national brands) were in fact basically worthless. Here is a list of the top 3 "zero ingredients" scams. If you are buying these products your wasting your money.

Vigarexx Scam

1. Prostate Support Formula by Real Health Labs -
The laboratory analysis for this product is here in the book for your to see and the results are shockingly poor! We tested three separate batches and all three individual results concurred that the product contained ZERO active ingredients in any of the major categories. That's ZERO. You can walk into just about any major drug store chain and find this well packaged, attractive, seemingly high quality product from this San Diego based company which boasts that it is "Doctor Developed and trusted since 1994." The box also has a logo that states "Laboratory Quality Tested" in big letters right on the front - you never really know until you test it. You can't hide in the lab. The label states that it contains "powders" and not "extracts" - and the results speak for themselves. Many men have written stating that they tried this product and were very disappointed having seen virtually zero results.

Vigarexx Scam

2. Antiiva -
This is a classic example of a prostate product that is completely worthless and tarnishes the reputation of the entire natural health industry. Sold only through mail-orders by the same group of “weasels” who sell Prosta-8 and Prostend (see sections below write ups). They try to trick you into believing this is a legitimate prostate product by using pseudo science, phony testimonials and a “pharmaceutical-sounding” name like Antiiva. It’s not. The lab reports expose this fraudulent product for what it is: a rip-off. If you were unfortunate enough to spend money on this "bottle of dirt" you would not have seen any results. Total scam. If you get a letter in the mail from these jokers throw it in the trash!

Vigarexx Scam

3. Super Beta Prostate Class Action Lawsuit Alert -
Super Beta Prostate was the most heavily advertised and most well known prostate products available. At one point it made it to our prestigious Top 5, finishing at number 4. Now consumers are up in arms over and have filed a class action lawsuit against New Vitality Corp and Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Joe Theisman. So, what has consumers so fired up?? If you have seen any of Super Beta's television commercials, I am sure you were quite impressed with the statements from "Jeff Zielinski, MD". I mean, having a real doctor go on TV and endorse your product says a lot about the product. This scene might look familiar:

Learn About the Super Beta Prostate Litigations

BUT what happens when that "doctor" turns out to not be a doctor at all but a paid actor? Consumers get upset and rightfully so. Take a look at these excerpts from the official court documents:

"Jeffrey J. Zielinski, the doctor who appears to endorse Super Beta Prostate in Defendants' commercials, has recanted. In a sworn declaration provided to the undersigned counsel, he states that he is an actor, and that he has not practiced medicine since 2009. After an audition in which he was provided with no information about the product, he was called to a commercial shoot and asked to don a white doctor's coat, stand in front of a green screen, and read lines from a teleprompter."

In his sworn declaration provided to the undersigned counsel, Dr. Zielinski states:

"I was provided with a white doctor's coat with my name on it. After donning the white coat I was directed to stand in front of a green screen and to read lines from a teleprompter. After I saw the commercials air on television, I understood that a doctor's office was superimposed on the green screen to create the illusion that I was speaking from a doctor's office. ...

"As far as I understood, I was hired as an actor. I was to play the role of a doctor, reading lines from a script. And that is what I did. I had no input in the creation of the script or the content of the advertisements. I did not intend to provide medical advice to anyone, or to provide a medical endorsement of the product."

Dr. Zielinski continues:

"If I were a practicing physician, I would not recommend Super Beta Prostate for the treatment of BPH or its symptoms. ... I would not recommend Super Beta Prostate to anyone for any purpose. I believe it is unsuitable for the treatment of BPH, and possibly unsafe because it is a formulation that has never been studied and it includes mixed sterols in very high doses that could cause significant adverse events."

If That Isn't Damning Enough... The court documents go on to state:

"The product was created by Roger Mason, a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute phencyclidine (PCP). Defendant New Vitality describes Mr. Mason as a "research chemist." His latest concoction, "Super Beta Prostate," is an illegal drug that contains dangerously high doses of mixed sterols, including B-sitosterol, a drug that had been marketed in Europe under the trade names Harzol® and Azuprostat®. These compounds are no longer considered suitable for the treatment of BPH. Indeed, in 1995, a researcher studying Harzol® wrote: "

"The effect of phytopharmaceuticals [such as B-sitosterol] on BPH is controversial because no clear mechanisms of action have been established, and their effect has been attributed to placebo responses. ... Since other forms of medical treatment of BPH have been shown to be effective, it is questionable whether phytopharmeceutical drugs should continue to be prescribed." Like most class action lawsuits this one could be dragged on for a long time. We will continue to provide you with any information about this case as it progresses through the courts.

Our Thoughts– After reading through the court documents, there is now way that we can continue to reccommend this prostate supplement. Luckily for you there are plenty of Prostate Supplements out there that are made by reputable companies and contain safe ingredients backed by clinical studies. Just take a look at our "Top 5 Pills" to your left. You will see the highest rated prostate pills on the market.

If you would like to read the case in its entirety, you can view it here.

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