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Rating: F
Company: Hampshire Labs

Specs: Lab Report

Antiiva Review – This is a classic example of a prostate product that is completely worthless and tarnishes the reputation of the entire natural health industry. Sold only through mail-orders by the same group of “weasels” who sell Prosta-8 and Prostend (see sections below write ups). They try to trick you into believing this is a legitimate prostate product by using pseudo science, phony testimonials and a “pharmaceutical-sounding” name like Antiiva. It’s not. The lab reports expose this fraudulent product for what it is: a rip-off. If you were unfortunate enough to spend money on this "bottle of dirt" you would not have seen any results. Total scam. If you get a letter in the mail from these jokers throw it in the trash!

Antiiva Basics: This all-natural prostate supplement claims to naturally improve urinary and prostate problems caused by benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), a condition that swells the prostate gland. Utilizing the power of beta-sitosterol, Antiiva says it rejuvenates blood flow in the groin area, pumping fresher, younger blood into the prostate—a key component of prostate health. They also include a secret proprietary blend they claim improves the efficacy of their ingredients, dramatically reducing prostate problems. It's also fairly cheap—one 60 capsule bottle only costs $19.95.

Antiiva Ingredients: Antiiva contains numerous sterols, including beta-sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol and brassicasterol. You'll also find plenty of pumpkin seed oil, zinc citrate and selenium.

Does Antiiva Work?: Probably not. Although beta-sitosterol is considered an effective treatment for BPH, studies show it isn't as effective if used without Saw Palmetto, a potent berry extract. Beta-sitosterol enhances the effects of Saw Palmetto—not the other way around. Most of the other sterols also enhance the prostate-boosting effects of Saw Palmetto; sterols are essentially useless without this key ingredient.

As for pumpkin seed oil, there is no proof it may be a viable treatment for BPH or any prostate problem. Although scientists are currently testing its for its ability to fight certain prostate issues, all of it is speculation—not solid, undeniable proof it may treat prostate problems. The same goes for zinc citrate, which is currently being studied for its ability to prevent prostate issues.

Is Antiiva Safe?: No. Extracted beta-sitosterol—that is, beta-sitosterol not found naturally in other ingredients—may cause numerous health problems, including nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn or constipation. also says it may cause erectile dysfunction, reducing a man's fertility. Some men also experience a decreased sex drive, making erectile dysfunction worse.

Grade: F. Antiiva may be cheap, but so are its ingredients, which could cause some sexual health problems if used daily. There's also not enough evidence it may reduce a man's risk for prostate issues, although scientists believe it may be a potential solution. There's simply not not evidence proving Antiiva is an effective prostate supplement, earning it an F on our list.

Antiiva is available direct at or by calling them at 1-800-279-5517.

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Product: Antiiva

Company: Hampshire Labs

Rating: 1 / 5 Stars


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