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Grandma's Herbs Prostate

Rating: C

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Grandma's Herbs Prostate: It's easy to get lured into the promise that Grandma's Herbs Prostate can help reduce common prostate and urinary problems safely, without the risk of unwanted, painful side effects. It claims to promote prostate health naturally, working just as effectively as other over-the-counter drugs.

But Grandma's Herbs Prostate is unlike any other supplement around, containing a saw palmetto-rich formula infused with corn silk extract.

"It is known to support the bladder and kidneys, and helps the liver and intestines as well," claims their website.

But this is hardly believable. These claims are based on hundreds of years of anecdotal evidence, not excerpts from nationally-funded studies.

Ingredients: Grandma's Herbs Prostate contains a proprietary blend of corn silk, saw palmetto, parsley leaf, marshmallow, buchu, echinacea, pumpkin seed, uva ursi and dandelion.

Does it Work? Yes. But not very effectively. Although corn silk has been used as a treatment for bladder inflammation and urinary tract infections, there isn't even anecdotal evidence available about its efficacy against prostate enlargement or inflammation. also claims corn silk helps treat kidney stones in adults, although they don't list any studies proving if this is factually accurate.

Saw palmetto may help reduce urinary symptoms caused by prostate inflammation, however. According to a study published in the Journal of Urology, men who took saw palmetto for up to six months saw a drastic improvement in urinary problems compared to a placebo. It didn't help reduce actual prostate inflammation, however.

Is it Safe? Mostly. Although some people are allergic to corn, all of Grandma's Herbs Prostate ingredients are considered generally safe.

Grade: C. Shoddy anecdotal evidence isn't actual proof that an ingredient works, but the inclusion of saw palmetto may help improve urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. There are plenty of other prostate supplements more effective than Grandma's Herbs Prostate, however, including Vasotrexx and Prostavar.

Grandma's Herbs Prostate


Product: Grandma's Herbs Prostate


Rating: C

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