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Maximum Prostate

Rating: B
Company: N/A

Specs: Lab Report

Maximum Prostate Review –Now under new management and with a recently improved formula, this pill has made its way into the top 10 with a rock solid grade of B. Easily the turn around story of the year, that can be attributed to their commitment to excellence and their interest in their customers. Their score improved across the board in recent lab tests. Customers reports have been positive. Good people with a very good product that can help most men.

Maximum Prostate Basics:Touting itself as "the prostate miracle" for aging men, Maximum Prostate contains 300mg of beta-sitosterol, the active component found in Saw Palmetto. They claim just two pills a day can completely reverse most prostate problems, including difficulty passing urine, frequent urges to urinate, prostate swelling and other issues of the prostate. Prostate problems are one of the most prevalent issues affecting American men over age 40. They also claim it cures sexual dysfunction problems, such as impotence or reduced arousal response

Maximum Prostate Ingredients:It contains extracted beta-sitosterols, derived from sugar cane pulp. It also contains 15mg of zinc citrate, a form of zinc.

Does Maximum Prostate Work?: Probably not. Although they go on and on about the benefits of beta-sitosterol derived from Saw Palmetto, it doesn't actually contain Saw Palmetto—instead, they use beta-sitosterol extracts taken from the pulp of sugar cane.

And although Maximum Prostate claims it contains plenty of zinc, it doesn't. It only contains 15mg per serving, which doesn't even meet the recommended daily amount (RDA) recommended by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Although studies show zinc can prevent prostate issues, you'll need to take plenty of zinc, which is definitely more than 15mg per day.

Grade: B. Maximum Prostate has really improved since we last looked at their product. We're giving them a solid B.

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Product: Maximum Prostate

Company: N/A

Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

Company Site: Supplement Spot


Easily the number one prostate pill we have ever evaluated. More men seem to get better results with this power house formula than any other.

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