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Rating: C-

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Prosplex Basics: Prosplex is an all-natural dietary supplement used to benign prostatic hypertrophy(BPH), or a non life threatening enlargement of the prostate. According to their website, their formula is based on prostate therapy involving the use of saw palmetto, which was shown to reduce mild to moderate symptoms of BPH within a couple of weeks. As expected, Prosplex contains plenty of saw palmetto--it contains nearly 320mg per serving--and common prostate supplement ingredients, including lycopene and pumpkin seed extract.

Ingredients: Prosplex contains IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate), saw palmetto extract (40% extract), quercitin, lycopene 5% standardized extract, pygeum extract 2.5%, and pumpkin seed.

Does it Work?: It might. Prosplex contains an important extract called saw palmetto, which has been shown to reduce urinary symptoms caused by BPH in several studies. Saw palmetto is used as an alternative therapy for BPH in most European countries, but its use in the United States is limited due to the popularity of other prescription BPH drugs, such as Proscar. Its ability to fight BPH is proven, however--numerous men reported a decrease in urinary urges and pressure after undergoing saw palmetto therapy.

So what's wrong with Prosplex? The issue here isn't what they use, but the quality of these key ingredients. Their ingredient label shows its saw palmetto extract only contains 40% of the active substance, cutting its efficacy against BPH in half. The same applies to its other ingredients--lycopene only contains 5% of its active substance, and pygeum extract only contains 2.5%. This severely limits Prosplex's overall ability to reduce the symptoms of BPH. It's highly debatable if this supplement will have any impact on prostate health.

Is it Safe?: Yes. Although saw palmetto can cause stomach upset, this rarely occurs.

Grade: C-. Although Prosplex contains several key ingredients shown to improve prostate health, it utilizes poor standardized extracts, which barely contain even half of its active compound. Prosplex may be misleading customers by not mentioning this fact on their website.



Product: Prosplex


Rating: C-

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