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Rating: B

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Prostec Basics:ProsTec Review – This company's advertising promises much more than what the product actually delivers. This very simple 7-ingredient formula uses ZERO extracts, and consists mostly of powders. The ideal form of these natural compounds would be “extracts” NOT powders. The lab report results for ProsTec were poor. It is distributed by Health Advantage of Carmel, NY . These hard tablets seem very over-priced for the benefits they would deliver. Men who have commented about this product in survey sheets were not very impressed. Their other prostate product T-Pros Ultra also performed poorly. These products are sold over the very “medical-sounding” website –, yet the actual benefits you would get using this pills, will be far less than you imagine.

ProsTec Basics: This all-natural—and vitamin rich—prostate health supplement claims to treat prostate inflammation, a leading cause of bladder obstruction in men over 40. It also claims to treat sexual difficulties caused by old age, although it doesn't specify what it treats. To enable this, ProsTec uses a variety of naturally-derived ingredients, including garlic, bee pollen and antioxidant-rich lycopene. Better yet, all of these ingredients are derived from vegan-friendly herbs, plants and fruits. It's likely to be safe, even for diabetics or men with pre-existing heart conditions.

ProsTec Ingredients: Prostec contains vitamins A, E, B6, folate and zinc oxide. To improve its efficacy, it also contains Saw Palmetto, pygeum extract, garlic, bee pollen and lycopene.

Does ProsTec Work?: Maybe. Some studies show Saw Palmetto may treat symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate, but our lab tests reveal it contains very few sterols, weakening its ability to improve prostate health.

Its vitamin-rich complex isn't likely to improve prostate health either. Vitamins A and B6 have no proven prostate benefits—the same applies to garlic, although it may improve the immune system. As for zinc, a couple of American studies suggest zinc may reduce a man's risk for prostate problems by inhibiting the growth of problematic cells. It may also increase symptom remission time, improving quality of life. Because of this, some doctors are currently recommending using zinc in place of other natural prostate treatment methods, such as multivitamin supplementation.

Is ProsTec Safe?: Probably. Although zinc overuse can cause anemia or nausea, it's not likely to happen if you use Prostec as directed. There are no side effects associated with Saw Palmetto, pygeum extract or garlic.

Grade: C. Although Saw Palmetto and pygeum extract are very effective treatments for prostate enlargement, our studies reveal these are low quality ingredients which contain few sterols—in other words, it's highly unlikely it will improve prostate health. ProsTec earns a C for being safe but not necessarily effective.

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Rating: B

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Easily the number one prostate pill we have ever evaluated. More men seem to get better results with this power house formula than any other.

Prostaver Bottle


This is another fine prostate formula that achieved good marks in a number of different laboratory tests.

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Prost RX

The good folks over at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals have done a wonderful job with this sharply designed prostate pill.

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Prostate 5XL

This highly publicized prostate formula achieved extremely high marks for its total sterol levels and Free Fatty Acids in laboratory tests.

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This is a soft gel pill that was designed by Dr. Al Sears. The formula is not as multi-dimensional as the top two.

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