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Vasotrexx Review - Does Vasotrexx Work?

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Vasotrexx Review - Does Vasotrexx Work MD Health Reports June 23, 2017 Mens Guide to Prostate Supplements MD Health Reports Travis Glodt June 23, 2017

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Vasotrexx Review

Vasotrexx Prostate Support
  • Product Review
  • Product: Vasotrexx
  • Company: Dartford Kent
  • Rating: A
  • 4.5/5 Stars
  • Vasotrexx Review Vasotrexx Does it Work Is Vasotrexx a Scam Vasotrexx Reviewed Vasotrexx Enlarged Prostate
  • Rated 4.5/5 based on 187 customer reviews
    $ 59.95 In stock
    Sub Par Prostate Support Supplement. 60 Count Bottle. Claims to shrink an Enlarged Prostate. Did not Review Well
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Vasotrexx Prostate Support
Dr Kennith Rassman
Vasotrexx Health Review Vasotrexx Health Does it Work Is Vasotrexx Health a Scam Vasotrexx Health Reviewed Vasotrexx Health Enlarged Prostate
by: Kennith Rassman
June 23, 2017
4.5 / 5 stars

Vasotrexx Review

Coming in third place is this outstanding product that that also lit up the scoreboard in the laboratory tests! Vasotrexx, from Dartford Kent Laboratories recorded an incredible 356 mg of Beta-sitosterol and an overall sterols score of 796 mg. These scores are simply spectacular! I am often asked by men what's the big difference between prostate products, there can't be that much of a difference. If you've tried one you have tried them all.... I hear those lines all the time. Now, just one look at this lab score compared to the products that line the shelves at most national drug stores and health food stores and will see that you would have to take like10 bottles, 10 entire bottles to get the same level of Beta-sitosterol that you get in just ONE DOSE of Vasotrexx!! Imagine how much better your prostate is going to feel after taking this great product for a month!

In addition to have a sensational laboratory report, they also have a smartly designed formula that provided additional benefits in addition to Beta-sitosterol. It contains Vitamins D3,Vitamin E, and Zinc. Zinc has enormous data supporting the important role it plays in maintaining and promoting prostate health. It's vitally important and that is why you always find Zinc in all the top prostate supplements. 15 mg is all you need to get 100% of the RDA.

Vasotrexx Supplement Facts

This outstanding formula also contains Stinging Nettle Extract, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract. Of these three it is the Green tea Extract that is most important. Note on the label below, that is is 99% "caffeine free." Not many companies use "caffeine free" green tea, but it is the exact kind you want. You want to avoid the caffeine, but most companies that have green tea in their formula use the caffeinated version either to save money or out of a lack of knowledge. Stinging Nettle and pumpkin seed extract are decent ingredients but nothing too special. It is pumpkin seed "oil" that you really want when it comes to your prostate health. It has some solid evidence and studies behind it, but is always sold as a separate product since it is an actual oil.

You can now get Vasotrexx from Amazon.

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